Sunday, October 10, 2010

Recently Going Back to School and Taking a Photography Class

Recently I decided to go back to college to eventually get a degree in Zoology or Marine Biology but to reach my goal of one of those degrees I have started going to De Anza College in Cupertino, California to get a degree in Biological Sciences.

I went to college before over 13 years ago from an out of state college and since my past credits are from out of state it will take me at least a semester or two for the college to even review my past classes. So while I wait to figure out what classes I will need to take for my degree since I don't know what will actually transfer over from my old school I decided to take an Intro to Digital Photography Class as one of my first classes I am taking during my first semester back to college. I have a passion for photography especially photographing animals and historical buildings and since I have never taken a photography class in the past I figured now was a good time to actually take one.

In my photography Journal I plan on featuring some of the photographs that I have taken for my Digital Photography Class and photographs that I have just taken for fun.

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