Sunday, October 17, 2010

Journey to the Past Series Part 1: African Lions

With this series I plan on featuring some of my favorite photos I have taken over the years before starting this blog and starting my photography class.

The first of this series I am just featuring my favorite African Lion photos I have taken since my first photo that I took that got me into photography was of African Lions back in September 2005.

All pictures taken at the San Francisco Zoo:

Jahari and Kimani (Siblings) September 2005 the photo that got me into photography:

Jahari holding Red Bowl - my all time favorite photograph I have taken

Jahari with his mate Amanzi

Tunya father of Jahari and Kimani enjoy birthday treats for his kids

Kimani - This photo is actually used as one of the rotating pictures the San Francisco Zoo uses on their website homepage. You have to refresh the page several times sometimes for the photo to eventually appear.

Amanzi drinking water

Jahari enjoying Halloween Treats

Tunya - The San Francisco Zoo also uses this photo for the info on African Lions

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