Sunday, October 17, 2010

North American River Otters

One of the animals I do not normally photograph at the Oakland Zoo is the North American River Otters but the other day I got a chance to actually take a few photographs of them. Normally the reason of not photographing them is because most of the time I just do not see them since their enclosure has 2 sections and the sections are huge and when I do see them they are normally right at the glass in the water moving really fast plus there is normally a crowd around making it harder to photograph them. My friend Pam and I was actually lucky to have been passing by their enclosure right before they got fed and the otters decided to wait and watch at one end of the exhibit for the keeper to come out and feed them. It was really cute cause they would stand up on their back legs to try and see over the wall for when the keeper showed up with their food. Here is a few pictures of them waiting.

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