Sunday, October 10, 2010

Photography Assignment #1 - Environmental Portrait

Every couple of weeks the teacher in my Digital Photography Class do different photography assignments. Our first photography assignment is called Environmental Portrait.

Description the teacher had for the assignment:
"The environmental portrait is a study of a person within his or her environment or context. This can be a literal description or a more figurative representation: this is open to the interpretation of the photographer.

Make an environmental portrait of someone you know. Think about how you want to show this person and what you want to tell the viewer(s) about this person."

I decided I would photograph my husband playing one of his guitars for the Environmental Portrait. My husband does not normally let me take a lot of photographs of him but he was a good sport about it this time around since the photograph was for homework. At first I had a hard time photographing him cause he would blink or he seemed to tense for the photograph but he eventually started relaxing and was just having fun for the photograph. The Fun photographs I took of him I really liked cause he was showing off for the camera but was having fun doing it.

Here are some of the photographs I liked from the photo shoot I did of him. The first picture is the one I chose to submit for my Environmental Portrait but I liked the other photos too.

Playing Guitar Under Leg - I chose this photograph for the assignment.

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