Sunday, October 31, 2010

Journey to the Past Series Part 3: The Bobcat and the Rattlesnake

A few years back I was hiking in Rancho San Antonio Open Space Preserve with my camera and I came a cross a bobcat which I have actually seen him a few times on my hikes in about the same area each time. I stopped to photograph him out in the field he was laying down in but all of a sudden it looked like he was getting up to charge me. I quickly started backing away from the fence but keeping an eye on him cause I did not want to loose eye contact with him. It turned out just a couple feet in front of me there was a rattlesnake which was in striking distance from me. I did not notice the rattlesnake until right before the Bobcat started attacking it. The rattlesnake never did its warning rattle sound when I was standing in front of it. Thank goodness the bobcat saw it and started going after it cause that could of been a bad situation for me to have been in. I call the bobcat my little guardian angel. It was an interesting experience to see the bobcat and the snake fight it out with each other but another hiker came around and started yelling at the bobcat and the bobcat ran off before the fight was even over.

Here are a few of my photos I took of the bobcat not all taken on the same day and then a picture of the rattlesnake.

Approaching the rattlesnake

About to attack the rattlesnake

After I have backed away and the bobcat has gotten close enough to the rattlesnake it got into striking position

Taken about a week later after it attacked the rattlesnake

Taken about a week later after it attacked the rattlesnake

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