Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Photography Assignment #3 - Depth of Field

Description of the assignment:

"Make one photograph showing either great or shallow depth of field. State the method that you used to achieve it, and why you chose to show that type of depth of field."

My response and the photo I used for the assignment:

I shot the photograph of the Blue Spiny Lizard as a Shallow Depth of Field. I used my Nikon D300 in the Manual Mode setting. My aperture is f/13.0 at a focal length of 70 mm. I was also standing really close to the Blue Spiny Lizard with my lens fully extended.

The reason I chose this method is when I am photographing animals some times the backgrounds are too distracting or there is just some thing I would prefer not being in the picture because of flaws that are not interesting to the photo having it blurred out makes it looks a lot better. In this case there was flaws that did not look good and the shallow depth of field made the picture look better.

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